Lailey Jenkins is a creative trailblazer who champions the notion that we all  have the capacity to be creative leaders who are  innovative and need resilience and self compassion to be  able to lead.

We struggle and are challenged by what gets in the way. Things like procrastination, self sabotage,  and overwhelm, anxiety and depression.

She is skilled at helping people learn to be resilient so they can lead with more clarity,courage, creativity engagement, connection,creativity, authenticity,  making a difference to the people they serve.

She knows  first hand when we get caught hustling for our worth, we stop paying attention to our inner landscape, our relationships, and often we strive for perfection, feeling we don’t quite measure up, this is when we are most likely to fail, or face not measuring up.

She has seen firsthand how this derails leaders, and  their companies as well as individuals and couples.

As a seasoned leadership coach,  psychotherapist, Daring Way™ Case Consultant and presenter she speaks regularly on:

  • Get Your Brave On
  • Managing Energy to Avoid Burnout
  • Building Resilience in Teams and Leaders
  • Building Team Coherence with the Art of Appreciation
  • Leading Creatively
  •  Employee Engagement
  • Creativity
  • Mindfulness in Organizations
  • Teambuilding with The Daring Way™
  • Stress Less
  • Creating Resilience in Times of Extreme
  • Worthy to Lead Helping Leaders Deal with Uncertainty and Self Doubt

As both a therapist and a leadership coach, she helps savvy leaders and their businesses create cultures of resilience, innovation, and align with their values to take inspired action so they lead more authentically, build trust and create a culture of creativity.

As a Kaizen-muse creativity coach and artist Lailey knows the journey to accessing the creative spirit and maintaining the creative well. She maintains her own creative practice (so she knows all about what gets in the way).

When she is not noodling on leading creatively she is out hiking with her Newfie and her family.