Stress Reduction

Are you struggling with feeling burned out? You are not alone.

Nationally burnout and more specifically employee disengagement is costing us over $350 billion a year.

It is one of our biggest drains as a country.

Someone recently said to me,  “If this is what it feels like to be successful, then don’t let me have any more success”.

Are you feeling stressed and unable to relax because your ‘to do‘  list never gets finished?

We wear ‘ the badge of busyness’ proudly and yet we long for down time with the people we love.

Would you like to feel peaceful clearer with better concentration and feel happier?

I use  mindfulness  with coaching to help you increase your awareness and understand your stress triggers and how to oscillate your energy.

I am trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction , a therapy developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA It was developed to help medical patients recover from surgery more quickly with less side effects . Since its inception MBSR is being taught worldwide in schools and medical settings.

Together we  will explore what mindfulness and meditation are and how to use these practices in your daily life.

You will emerge from these sessions with solid skills in both your mind set and strategies to find more energy, ease, and flow in your life.

This will  allow you to ground, center and re-align and learn to intentionally vary how much energy you are using.

We all need down time and rest.

Mindful Presence or mindfulness has been shown to improve anxiety, depression, and focus. It helps to improve our immune system as well as our bandwidth for stress.

I offer individual and group stress reduction trainings for adults and teens that will offer you a sense of wellness and rest so you can do what matters to you most.


Contact me at 206-842-6161 for details.