Couples Therapy Intensives

A couples intensive is a way to shift your perspective of your relationship dramatically.

Consider this if you are at an impasse in your marriage and you need to release the negative energy between you and your partner, and call in appreciation and trust.

An intensive consists of  four two hour meetings over a two day time span. Typically, couples come over a weekend or on a Friday and Saturday.

During this time we work to identify the negative cycle you are in and craft a vision for the future of the relationship, widen the appreciations you both have, find the common ground, and ways to understand and shift your pain and meet your needs and those of your partner. We also explore what is getting in your way as a couple. Where the pain and heartache may be keeping you in a negative cycle.You will learn to move through the the negative cycle, identify power struggle and understand what is possible for you both in the relationship. We work to create a plan for the future work that will need to happen to sustain your relationship.

These are ambitious goals and require a willingness to be present to each other and commit to the process.

After this process you will have:

  • A vision for your relationship
  • A solid understanding of how the two of you engage in a negative pattern
  • A solid understanding of your partner’s values
  • More clarity of your own and your partner’s tender places
  • How you can best help your partner heal
  • Ways that you and your partner might explore having more fun together
  • How your partner is you ‘imago’ match
  • Skills to use the next time things go sideways
  • An awareness of your physiological responses to conflict

Sessions  are designed to shift the negative energy, widen appreciation, build trust and deepen connection.

Call my office to inquire about scheduling and details. 206-842-6161