Lead Creatively Coaching

The clients I coach work with me to become better at leading.

We work on both mind sets and skill sets so that their  growth is challenging, exciting and not splattering.

We  identify  values, goals, desires, growth edges ( what holds you back). We also work on developing skills around creativity and fostering a creative culture.

We explore where  actions may be out of sync with values and ways you can “mind the gap”.

We look at the whole picture; your personal and professional goals so that you create sustainable change in a way that supports your business, your self care, your creative spirit, your physical strength and your overall happiness.

Your success  depends on your ability to manage your energy and your confidence. These are your greatest resources as a leader and (a human being)  Learning how to manage them is essential to your success.

Right now I am only working with clients on a 6 month basis. Because change does not come without perseverance and commitment.

I want you to have the kind of success you dream of.

Contact me at (206) 842-6161 for a free get acquainted call.

Corporate Consulting:

I help businesses solve thorny problems like team cohesion, building leadership skills, growing their client base and creating a culture of innovation.

I help my clients  think outside the box with creative solutions which align with the triple bottom line of sustainability, profit, and providing value for both

customers and employees.